FAQ about the Deutschlandticket

Answers to frequently asked questions

Status: 31/05/2024

How long has the Deutschlandticket been around?

The Deutschlandticket was introduced on May 1, 2023. Tickets have been on sale nationwide since April 3, 2023.

Where can I use the Deutschlandticket?

The Deutschlandticket is not transferable and will only be valid for one person at a time. It is not possible to take other people with you.

The Deutschlandticket will be valid throughout Germany for the whole day on local public transport. This includes means of transport such as:

  • Public buses
  • Tram an subways
  • Regional trains (2nd class) and S-Bahn trains
  • Regional express trains (2nd class)

Of course, the Deutschlandticket will allow you to travel in the entire RVV area.

The Deutschlandticket will not be valid on long-distance trains (for example ICE, IC, EC or Flixtrain) or in 1st class.

Where can I buy the Deutschlandticket in the RVV area?

For employees: the Deutschlandticket Job

Available through your employer. Details: www.rvv.de/deutschlandticket-job

For trainees and volunteers: Bayerisches Ermäßigungsticket

Available in the RVV webshop. Details: www.rvv.de/ermäßigungsticket

For Regensburg residents who have a city pass: the discounted Deutschlandticket at the social rate

Available in the RVV webshop. Details: www.rvv.de/deutschlandticket-sozial

For students in Regensburg: the inexpensive surcharge solution for the semester ticket

Available in the RVV webshop. Details: www.rvv.de/semesterticket#upgrade

The Deutschlandticket at the regular price (49 EUR/month) via the RVV app

Available via the RVV app, in the RVV webshop or as a chip card. Details: www.rvv.de/d-ticket

The Deutschlandticket as a chip card

  • For customers who do not wish to use the Deutschlandticket for 49 euros per month via their cell phone, the RVV customer center in Regensburg offers a subscription on a chip card.
  • In most cases, the personalized chip card can be taken directly after the subscription has been taken out.
  • Until further notice, the Deutschlandticket on chip card is only available to customers who wish to purchase the Deutschlandticket at the normal price (49 euros/month).
  • For all other ticket types, the Deutschlandticket is only available for smartphones.

I am younger than 18. How can I buy a Deutschlandticket?

If you are a minor, it is currently not yet possible to purchase the Deutschlandticket via the RVV app (linking the profiles of parents and child).

A person of full age (e.g. a parent) can subscribe to the Deutschlandticket on your behalf at http://dticket.rvv.de in the browser on the computer.
Payment for the subscription is made by SEPA direct debit by the adult person. Please have a valid e-mail address ready when ordering.

How to order your Deutschlandticket as a PDF file:

  • Go to the online ordering portal, click on "Subscribe to Deutschlandticket" and enter your contact details as well as the details of a person of legal age and their IBAN.
  • Then open your e-mail inbox and click on the confirmation link in the e-mail from the RVV.

The ticket ordered online will be sent directly to your mailbox each month as a PDF and wallet file. The amount of 49 euros will be debited monthly, towards the end of the previous month, from the account of the adult person indicated.

Your subscription is automatically renewed unless you cancel by the 10th of the month - directly in the online portal.

How do I cancel my Deutschlandticket?


Is there a Deutschlandticket for employees?

  • Employees order a Deutschlandticket Job through their employer.

  • With the Deutschlandticket Job, you benefit from an extremely attractive mobility offer: you can travel for a maximum of 34.30 euros per month. If your employer contributes at least 25%, a further 5% discount is granted on the standard price.
    If your employer does not yet have a Job Ticket, talk to your employer. If you are interested, our customer service will be happy to assist you with the introduction.

Details: www.rvv.de/deutschlandticket-job

Is there a special offer for trainees and people in the Federal Volunteer Service?

  • In Bavaria, there is the "Ermäßigungsticket", a discounted Deutschlandticket for students, trainees and people doing federal voluntary service at a price of 29 euros per month.
  • The discount ticket can also be used nationwide as a cheaper version of the Deutschlandticket.

Details: www.rvv.de/bavarian-discount-ticket

Is there a special offer for university students?

Students at the University and OTH Regensburg can purchase the Deutschlandticket at any time as an upgrade to their existing semester ticket → rvv.de/semesterticket#upgrade.

IU students can purchase the Bayerisches Ermäßigungsticket for 29 euros via the RVV webshop for trainees.

Are there social fares or reductions for the Deutschlandticket?

Regensburg residents who have a city pass can purchase discounted Deutschlandtickets in the RVV webshop from January 1, 2024 → rvv.de/deutschlandticket-sozial.

Is it possible to take other people or a bike with me?

Children up to 6 years of age travel free of charge.

Additional persons cannot be taken along. 

The transport of animals and bicycles is not included within the Deutschlandticket. Please refer to our valid RVV transport regulations. 

Will the ticket price remain permanently at 49 euros per month?

After the introductory phase, the price of the ticket may increase. The reason for this is rising fuel, electricity and wage costs. The aim is to "dynamise" the ticket in the form of inflation compensation. 

What is happening to the other tariff options of the RVV?

The offers for single journeys (strip ticket, single tickets,...) remain unchanged in order to continue to suitably serve people who only occasionally travel by public transport.

Our classic subscriptions also continue to be offered due to the extensive take-away options, the transferability and the price advantage of the classic subscriptions in low price levels. 

Can traditional RVV subscriptions still be used?

Our range of subscriptions remains unchanged. Subscriptions can still be used and purchased.


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