Travel climate-friendly throughout Germany for 49 euros per month. Available via the app, in the webshop and as a chip card.

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The ticket, which is valid throughout Germany, is a digital ticket that was introduced on May 1, 2023. The Deutschlandticket is available as a monthly subscription at a maximum price of 49 euros per month for the smartphone and as a chip card.

Deutschlandticket for one month only?

Please note: If you only want to buy a Deutschlandticket for one month, you must cancel your ticket by the 10th of the month at the latest. After the 10th of the month, it is no longer possible to purchase a ticket for the current month only due to the nationwide notice periods.

Further information:

The Deutschlandticket at the regular price (49 EUR/month) via the RVV app

Handy - D-Ticket

The easiest and quickest way to purchase the Deutschlandticket from the RVV for 49 euros per month is via the RVV app as a cell phone ticket.

  • Log in under "Profile" with your user name and password
  • Select the Deutschlandticket in the menu under "Ticket purchase"
  • Specify the month from which it is to be valid
  • Place the ticket in the shopping basket
  • Click "Buy now" to transfer the ticket to your mobile phone.

Your Deutschlandticket is saved under "Ticket purchase" → "My tickets". If you would like to show it at a ticket inspection, tap on "Validation" in the menu.

The Deutschlandticket as a chip card

Chipkarte D-TicketAn alternative for all those who do not want to use the Deutschlandticket for 49 euros per month via cell phone.

  • Available at the RVV customer center in Regensburg
  • In most cases, the personalized chip card can be taken directly after the subscription has been taken out.
  • Until further notice, the Deutschlandticket on chip card is only available to customers who wish to purchase the Deutschlandticket at the normal price (49 euros/month).
  • For all other ticket types, the Deutschlandticket is only available for smartphones.

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