Deutschlandticket Job

As an employee, travel throughout Germany for a maximum of 34.30 euros per month. Available through your employer.

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  • With the Deutschlandticket Job, you benefit from an extremely attractive mobility offer: you can travel in a climate-friendly way for a maximum of 34.30 euros per month.
  • The Deutschlandticket is valid all day on public transport and local rail services throughout Germany.
  • Your employer provides a subsidy of at least 25% on the regular price of 49 euros per month for the Deutschlandticket Job. The federal government grants an additional 5% discount on the price of 49 euros.


per month 49,00 €

minus employer's contribution min. 25% 

minus additional discount of 5%

min. - 12,25 €

- 2,45 €

Deutschlandticket Job 

max. per month 34,30 €

How to get the Deutschlandticket Job 

  1. Talk to your employer. If your employer is interested in offering a Job Ticket contract and is willing to contribute financially with a minimum subsidy, contact the RVV Customer Centre at or simply use the contact form.
  2. You order your ticket via your employer.
  3. We create a digital ticket for you every month and send it directly to your e-mail address - as wallet link, which you can use to save the ticket directly on your smartphone.
  4. Your subscription is renewed automatically.

How to cancel your Deutschlandticket Job

You no longer wish to use your Deutschlandticket from next month? Then you must give notice of termination via your employer by the 10th of the current month.

Deutschlandticket Job and RVV Job Tickets in comparison

Deutschlandticket Job

  • valid on public transport throughout Germany
  • non-transferable
  • valid for 1 person: no take-along option

Regular RVV Job-Ticket 

  • valid in the selected RVV zones
  • not transferable
  • Carriage of up to 4 additional persons on weekdays after 19:00 and at weekends

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