Detschlandticket Job

As an employee, you can travel throughout Germany in a climate-friendly way for a maximum of 34.30 euros per month.

Short facts 

  • With the Deutschlandticket Job, you benefit from an extremely attractive mobility offer: you can travel in a climate-friendly way for a maximum of 34.30 euros per month.
  • The Deutschlandticket was introduced on 1 May 2023. It is valid throughout Germany for the whole day on local public transport as well as on local rail transport.
  • Your employer will provide a subsidy of at least 25% on the regular price of 49 euros per month for the Deutschlandticket Job. The federal government grants an additional 5% discount on the price of 49 euros.
  • You order your ticket through your employer.
  • We create a digital ticket for you and send it directly to your e-mail address - as a PDF and wallet file for your smartphone.


per month 49,00 €

minus employer's contribution min. 25% 

minus additional discount of 5%

min. - 12,25 €

- 2,45 €

Deutschlandticket Job 

max. per month 34,30 €

Deutschlandticket Job and RVV Job Tickets in comparison

Deutschlandticket Job

  • valid throughout Germany on local public transport
  • not transferable
  • valid for 1 person: no transport possibility

Regular RVV Job-Ticket 

  • valid in the selected RVV zones
  • not transferable
  • transport of up to 4 additional persons after work (7 pm) and on weekends/national holidays

Price comparison

As a passenger, you pay a maximum of 34.30 euros for one month of mobility throughout Germany - depending on the subsidy from your employer.

Prices valid from 03.04.2023

zone Deutschlandticket Job per month JOBTICKET Plus* per month 

* taking into account the minimum employer's contribution of 10.00 euros


max. 34,30 €


taking into account
the minimum employer's
contribution of 25%
and minus the
additional discount of 5%.

27,00 €
2 34,00 €
3 50,00 €
4 67,00 €
5 82,00 €
6 108,00 €
7 144,00 €
8 172,00 €
9 204,00 €
10 220,00 €

How to get the Deutschlandticket Job 

Talk to your employer. If your employer is interested in offering a Job Ticket contract and is willing to contribute financially with a minimum subsidy, contact the RVV Customer Centre at or simply use the contact form.

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