Job ticket

Our most favorable offer for employees, even if you work in a home office by the day.

The most important facts about the RVV job tickets

  • Valid all day long for all buses and trains within the selected tariff zones of the RVV-area.
  • You save up to 37 % compared to the annual subscription.
  • During leisure time, the job ticket becomes a family ticket. Monday to Friday from 7 pm and on weekends and public holidays you can take with you all day long up to 4 other people.You save on fuel costs, time and nerves during work and weekend traffic and at the same time make a contribution to our environment.


Also available for small and middle-sized companies

Now there is a new job ticket offer - also for small and medium-sized businesses, the JOBTICKET Plus!

The JOBTICKET Plus can already be used if at least 3 employees of a company apply for it. The RVV rewards a grant from the employer of at least 10 EUR per month with an additional discount on the ticket.


Job plus free time - so you are on the right track!

Using the Jobticket Plus, you will not only enjoy low-priced and environmentally friendly mobility on your daily commute - it also offers many advantages in your leisure time:

Therefore, the Jobticket Plus is the cheapest way to be able to use the RVV means of transport around the clock – and from 7 pm on weekends and public holidays you can even take with you up to 4 more people for free!


Quite simple: your way to JOBTICKET Plus

Talk to your employer or works council. If your employer is interested in completing a job ticket contract and is prepared to contribute financially with a minimum grant, please contact the RVV customer centre at or simply use the contact form on the RVV website. We are happy to help you get started with the new JOBTICKET Plus.


Fast & convenient: the ticket order

Is your employer already a job ticket partner of the RVV? Then you will receive your order form

  • from the contact person of your company or in the intranet
  • in the RVV customer centre
  • right here:
Bestellschein JOBTICKET Plus

Simply complete the order form on the PC, print, sign and send it to the RVV customer centre. Your job ticket will be sent directly to your postal address. 


 Job-Tickets: prices from 2023


price category



(monthly amount)


from 3 persons, only in combination with company subsidy**)


discount level 1 - from 50 Pers.

(monthly amount)


discount level 2 - from 100 Pers.

(monthly amount)

1 40,25 € 27,00 € 39,50 € 38,25 €
2 48,58 € 34,00 € 47,17 € 45,75 €
3 66,08 € 50,00 € 64,17 € 62,08 €
4 81,83 € 67,00 € 79,33 € 76,83 €
5 98,58 € 82,00 € 95,58 € 92,75 €
6 124,67 € 108,00 € 120,92 € 117,17 €
7 160,25 € 144,00 € 155,50 € 150,67 €
8 191,75 € 172,00 € 185,92 € 180,25 €
9 225,42 € 204,00 € 218,67 € 212,00 €
10 241,75 € 220,00 € 234,50 € 227,25 €


* The Job-Ticket single is a yearly pass for working people. It is available at the customer centre: A certificate of your employer and payment in advance are required. Nachweis Ihrer Berufstätigkeit.

** Price for customer taking into account the employer's allowance of at least 10 € per month and the subsidy by the RVV staggered according to price levels from 5 € to 10 € per month.

By paying a low service fee of currently 2 € plus VAT per ticket/month, the RVV is happy to take over the entire processing for the employer.


For the order, processing, use and termination of the job ticket special conditions apply, which are part of the tariff regulations and can be requested from interested customers at the RVV Customer Center. For more information, please visit our customer centre


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