Job ticket

Our most favorable offer for employees, even if you sometimes work in home office.

The most important facts about the RVV Job tickets

  • The JOBTICKET Plus is subsidised by the employer with at least EUR 10 per month, up to a maximum of 100% of the ticket price. The RVV rewards this subsidy with a further discount.
  • The JOBTICKET Plus can already be used if at least 3 employees of a company apply for it.
  • Other Job-Ticket variants without employer subsidy are available for individual customers and in two discount levels (from 50 and 100 persons) for large companies. Information on these is available from our Customer Centre.
  • Job-Tickets are valid on all buses and regional trains within the selected tariff zones of the RVV area.
  • Family and Friends Ticket in your free time : On weekdays from 7 p.m. and all day on weekends and public holidays, you can take up to 4 additional people with you free of charge!

How to get the JOBTICKET Plus

Talk to your employer. If your employer is interested in offering a Job Ticket contract and is willing to contribute financially with a minimum subsidy, contact the RVV Customer Centre at or simply use the contact form.

Ordering your ticket fast and easy

Is your employer already a Job Ticket partner of the RVV? Then you will receive your order form

  • from your company's contact person or on the intranet
  • at the RVV customer centre
  • right here to fill out online:

Order Form Jobticket Plus Grafik

Prices valid from 01/01/2024





individual customer

(monthly amount)


from 3 pers., including the employer's subsidy of at least EUR 10 per month
(monthly amount)

1 43,08 € 29,00 €
2 52,00 € 37,00 €
3 70,75 € 54,00 €
4 87,58 € 72,00 €
5 105,50 € 88,00 €
6 134,67 € 117,00 €
7 173,08 € 156,00 €
8 207,08 € 187,00 €
9 243,42 € 221,00 €
10 261,08 € 238,00 €

Against payment of a small service fee of currently 2,- EUR plus VAT per ticket/month, the RVV will gladly take over the complete processing for employers.

Special conditions apply to the ordering, processing, use and cancellation of Job Tickets, which are part of the fare conditions. For more information, please contact our Customer Centre.

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