The RVV app: information and mobile tickets


Grossansicht in neuem Fenster: RVV-App Startbildschirm Screen iPhoneThe benefits of our RVV app

  • the RVV app provides timetable and fare information
  • knows the walking distance to the nearest stop
  • knows whether buses and trains in the region are on time
  • is your mobile ticket shop for the Deutschlandticket as well as RVV single, strip and day tickets - always at the low advance booking price

You don't have the RVV app on your cell phone yet?

No problem! The RVV app is available for iOS and Android. If you do not yet have the app installed on your mobile phone, you can download it free of charge from the Apple and Google stores. Directly to the download:

AppStore GooglePlay

The one-time registration in the ticket shop of the RVV app in just four steps

registrieren icon Select "Profile" in the menu and enter your name, address and e-mail address after tapping on "Registration".
mail-icon You will receive an e-mail from RVV. Please confirm the registration link in this e-mail.
Icon Kreditkarte Select the payment method in the RVV app (direct debit, credit card or Paypal).
Einkaufswagen-Icon Select the desired ticket in the menu under "Ticket purchase" and complete the purchase.

Your ticket: always at hand with the RVV app

If you are logged in to the app with your user name and password, you can conveniently purchase the Deutschlandticket and other RVV tickets in the menu under "Ticket purchase".

  • Select the desired ticket in the assortment

  • if necessary, set the validity period

  • Add the ticket to your shopping cart

  • Click "Buy now" to save the ticket on your mobile phone.

Your ticket is saved under "My Tickets". If you want to view it or show it at a checkpoint, tap on your ticket there.

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