Regensburg Transport Association Structure

Gesellschafter, Aufsichtsrat und Beirat

The Regensburg transport association
is functionally divided into three levels:

  • At a political level, the city and district of Regensburg founded a transport association under public law as early as 1981. This association establishes the scope of public transport services in the Regensburg local transport region, and covers the resulting shortfall to meet expenses.
  • At a co-ordination level, Regensburger Verkehrsverbund GmbH was founded on 2/12/1983, and its share capital is held equally by Regensburger Verkehrsbetriebe GmbH (RVB) and Gesellschaft zur Förderung des Öffentlichen Personennahverkehrs im Landkreis Regensburg mbH (GFN). The company co-ordinates the local transport companies within the association area. This work includes
  • Central transport monitoring and planning
  • Determining the output of the transport companies offering bus services
  • Further developing the joint association rate
  • Marketing
  • The executor level involves public and private transport companies which run public transport in the association area. They are bound by co-operation, transport operation and output agreements with the RVV/GFN, and largely run bus services on behalf of the RVV.

Since 1991, the local trains operating on the railways passing through the association area have also adopted the co-operative fare system, based on association agreements between the RVV and the railway companies. Further contracts exist with the districts of Cham, Kelheim, Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz and Schwandorf.

Company bodies: 

  • Supervisory board – In odd-numbered years, the chairperson is the lord mayor of the city of Regensburg; in even-numbered years, it is the district administrator for the district of Regensburg.
  • Advisory board
  • Management board


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