Lost property office

Left something behind on the bus or train?

The RVV does not have its own lost property office.


Lost property from city buses (RVB)

Items found on municipal buses (RVB) are handed into the Regensburg Lost Property Office at about 10 am the next day. The research for lost property on the same day usually has little success because the buses are long on the road and only arrive at the depot in the evening. Please do not contact our customer centre unless the matter is urgent (e.g. lost valuables, ID).


Lost Property Office (Neues Rathaus, entrance at Minoritenweg 4,  room 0.027)

Telephone: 0941/507-1196


Opening hours:
Monday, plus Wednesday and Friday: 8.30am – 12pm
Monday - Wednesday: 12.30pm – 4pm
Thursday: 8am – 1pm and 1.30pm - 5.30pm

Email: mailto:Fundamt@regensburg.de



Lost items found on regional buses are stored by the co-operative companies themselves.


Regionalbus Ostbayern GmbH (RBO) has its own lost property office, which can be contacted directly on: 09 41 / 60 00 - 122


Opening hours:

Mon - Thu     7:30am - 11:30am and 12:30pm – 4pm

Friday      7:30am – 1pm



If an item has been lost on another company’s bus, or if you don’t know which company the bus is run by, you can call us on 09 41 / 46 31 9-0.

Please advise the bus line and exact time of travel.



If you have lost something on a DB train, please contact the DB lost property office on: 09 41 / 500 - 346


Opening hours:
Mon - Fri     8am - 4:15pm


If it has been more than 7 days since an item has been lost on a DB train, please contact the head office for lost items in Wuppertal on 0 18 05 / 99 05 99



If it was a Vogtlandbahn train (this also includes the ALEX), call 03 76 00 / 77 7-5 01



The service hotline for agilis trains is 08 00 / 5 89 28 40 (free call).


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