Carriage regulations for animals

Stand: 1. September 2022

On trains: 

For the transport of animals on trains, only the transport regulations and tariffs of the respective railway companies apply. Which tariff applies can be found on the respective websites (

On RVV buses: 

We transport your four-legged friends and Co. free of charge - under the following conditions:

  • Dogs are only transported under the supervision of a suitable person (from the age of 12) and in compliance with the leash requirement. Dogs that could endanger fellow passengers must wear a muzzle.
  • Guide dogs accompanying a blind person are always carried.
  • Other animals may only be carried in suitable containers. The driving staff may allow exceptions from the obligation to accommodate other animals in containers in individual cases.
  • Animals that are considered dangerous by their nature and animals that may cause fear or disgust among passengers are excluded from carriage even if they are accommodated in containers.
  • Animals must not be accommodated on seats. 


The passenger must accommodate and supervise animals in such a way that the safety and order of our transport service is not endangered and other passengers are not inconvenienced. Our bus drivers decide on a case-by-case basis whether animals are permitted for carriage and where they are to be accommodated. There is therefore no entitlement to carriage. 

You can find more information on this in our Conditions of Carriage and Tariff Regulations

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