Tickets and Fares


Finding cheap tickets: The RVV fare finder

Counting of fare zones was yesterday. With the RVV fare finder easy and fast to the ticket price. ...more
Preisübersicht Tickets ab 1.1.2017 Teaser

Fare overview

At a glance: The prices of the most important RVV tickets ...more

Day Ticket

Für 2 oder 5 Personen und ausgesprochen familienfreundlich: Eigene Kinder und Enkel fahren bis zum 15. Geburtstag kostenlos mit. ...more
Superteaser Abo 2020 - 12 zu 9 für Dich

Subscriptions: 12-month, 6-month and eco

Pay less, travel more: up to 3 months for free and option to take up to 4 people along for free. ...more

Job ticket

Our most favorable offer for employees, even if you work in a home office by the day. ...more
Universität - Haltestelle

Semester Ticket

Our offer for students of Regensburg's universities ...more

The Bayern ticket and some more train tickets

With Bayern-Ticket, City-Ticket or BahnCard 100 on the way within the RVV area ...more

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