Ticket for the inner city zone

Particularly favorable single and day tickets for the inner city zone Regensburg.

Tickets for the inner city zone are available in the bus as well as in our ticket outlets. With the single ticket inner city zone driving interruptions are only allowed within the maximum travelling time limits (60 minutes). Changing bus lines towards route destination is possible as often as you like but no return journeys or round trips.


Fares from 2019:

Single Ticket - Inner City
Validity Price Zones
valid for 1 person for
maximum of one hour 
 € 1.10 only valid
in the inner city zone


You have to stamp the inner city day ticket, it is non-transferrable. The holder’s first and last name must be registered at the start of the journey. The passengers' entitlement to travel within the inner city zone applies weekdays from 9.00 am until closing hour and at the weekend and on holidays the whole day til closing hour.


Day Ticket - Inner City
Validity Price Zones
up to 5 people for any
number of rides on one day - 
valid on all days! 
 € 2.50 only valid
in the inner city zone


In the inner city zone, parking tickets of the parking garages Arcaden, Am Theater / Bismarckplatz, Dachauplatz and Petersweg are valid as bus tickets for up to 5 persons within the parking time.









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