With RVV lines 27 or 993 and 26/27 to Eilsbrunn

Hiking on alpine climbing path at Eilsbrunn / Schönhofen

Grossansicht in neuem Fenster: Alpiner Steig bei Eilsbrunn_Schönhofen


The Front Alpine climbing path between Eilsbrunn (Sinzing) and Schönhofen (Nittendorf) leads to 1.5 km in length over a rocky landscape with a wonderful view over the valley of the Black Laber.  Its outstanding beauty and character it receives through its alpine-looking rock formations and specially protected lean lawn. Through this sensitive conservation area lead among others the signposted trails "Jurasteig" and "Burgensteig".

A circular walk is possible over Loch - Schönhofen - Eichhofen. Eating possibilities on site.

Free hiking maps and information such as the "Adventure Guide Valley of the Schwarze Laber" are available at the County Office Regensburg.


How to get there with the RVV

  • With line 27 to stop "Eilsbrunn, Kirche"
  • Monday - Friday there is a direct bus from Regensburg Hbf
  • On Saturdays with rail line 993/930 from Regensburg Hbf to the stop Sinzing", then change to bus number 26/27 until "Eilsbrunn, Kirche". 
  • Timetable download





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