With RVV linie 14 to Kareth/Lappersdorf

DAV Kletterzentrum Regensburg



Grossansicht in neuem Fenster: Kletterzentrum RegensburgBildnachweis: DAV Kletterzentrum Regensburg Sektion Regensburg e.V. 

You can learn climbing techniques, climb with friends or marvel at competitions, like some athletes' gravity seems almost to be repealed. In the climbing center of the DAV in Lappersdorf-Kareth there are offered, among others, special introductory courses for children and youth.


To get there with the RVV

  • With bus number 14 to the stop "Kareth, Pfälzer Weg", from there about 330 meters walk to the climbing center
  • The bus runs Monday - Friday every hour, on Saturdays from the afternoon every two hours
  • Timetable download


Adress and opening times

DAV Kletterzentrum Regensburg
Am Silbergarten 6
93138 Lappersdorf/Kareth


Opening times: Monday till Thursday and Friday 10:00 - 23:00 o'clock, Thursday 9:00 - 23:00 o'clock; Saturdays and Sundays 10:00 - 22:00 o'clock 


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