Single ticket municipality

Favorable tickets within a municipality area

For journeys within the following municipal authorities (communities), a discounted single ticket is available for the price of currently € 1.00:

  • Bernhardswald
  • Burglengenfeld
  • Donaustauf
  • Deuerling/Hemau
  • Deuerling/Nittendorf
  • Hagelstadt
  • Hemau
  • Lappersdorf
  • Neutraubling
  • Nittendorf
  • Obertraubling
  • Pentling
  • Pettendorf
  • Regenstauf
  • Sinzing
  • Tegernheim
  • Wörth/Wiesent
  • Zeitlarn 

Depending on the print, the tickets are valid for one person for a maximum of one hour within the municipality  Stopovers are only permitted within the maximum travelling time limits (maximum travelling time 60 minutes). Changing bus lines towards route destination is possible as often as you like but no return journeys or round trips.

The RVV recognizes the GFN tariff "Gemeindebus Wenzenbach" and "Citybus Regenstauf" within the validity range of these tickets.

These tickets are available only in our ticketing outlets and in the bus. 





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