Tickets for individual journeys

Spontaneous's go! For example, with a single ticket, a multi-rider or even the very reasonable day ticket.

Single Ticket

Valid for one person for a single trip. Unfortunately, you rarely use our offer? In this case, the single ticket is just the right ticket for you. ...more

Stripe Tickets

Choosing stripe tickets means being price-conscious. But it also means being open to many options. ...more

Inner-city zone ticket ("Innenstadt-Ticket")

Particularly favorable single and day tickets for the Regensburg inner-city zone. ...more

Community Ticket

Cheap tickets within a community area ...more

Day Ticket

From 9:00 am, you can travel as a couple or up to five persons, wherever and as often as you want! ...more

Parking ticket P + R West facility as day ticket

Inexpensive parking in the Regensburg West including bus use for the onward journey within the zone 1. ...more

Biker Ticket ("Biker-Ticket")

Biker ticket on the bike bus line to Falkenstein ...more

Group Ticket ("Gruppen-Ticket")

Our offer for groups of up to 30 people. ...more

Regensburger Anruf-Sammeltaxi (RAST) in Großprüfening und Irl

RAST bringt Sie von Großprüfening und Irl aus bequem in das Stadtzentrum und zurück. Eine telefonische Anmeldung unter 0941 / 5 67 66 66 ist erforderlich. Die Tickets erhalten Sie beim Taxifahrer. ...more
Regensburg CARD 24

Regensburg CARD

The Regensburg CARD offers discounts for many cultural and recreational establishments. It is also valid as a ticket on buses and trains in the RVV area, in four versions: ...more

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