Wochen-, Monats-Tickets und Abos

Öfter fahren mit unseren Zeitkarten: Infos u.a. zu Wochen-, Monats-, Öko- und Job-Tickets sowie Abonnements.

Neue Tarife

Subscriptions: 12-month, 6-month and eco

Pay less, drive more: given up to 2 months and bring up to 4 people for free. ...more

Job ticket

The cheapest offer for the daily way to work. Now also for small and medium-sized businesses. ...more

Eco-ticket ("Öko-Ticket")

Worthwhile for anyone not specifically having to travel during morning rush hour. ...more

RVV-Tickets im Sozial-Tarif

vergünstigte Sozial-Tickets für Inhaber eines Stadt- oder Landkreispasses Regensburg ...more

Discounted fares for school students and trainees

The RVV offers discounted season passes, namely weekly and monthly student tickets, for school students, trainees and similar groups of people*. ...more
Universität - Haltestelle m.press

Semester Ticket

Our offer for students of Regensburg's universities ...more

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