Rail-tickets within the RVV-area


Bavaria ticket - 1 person – 1 day - 25 Euros,

Bavaria ticket 1st class - 1 person 37.50 Euros, and

Bavaria night ticket - 1 person 23 Euros


(Accompanying passengers incur an extra surcharge).


Bavaria tickets are day rail tickets which come in 3 versions: the “Bavaria ticket – 1 person”, the “Bavaria ticket 1st class” and the “Bavaria night ticket – 1 person”, for up to 4 accompanying passengers with a surcharge.

Bavaria tickets may be used as transport tickets on any route. 
Monday to Friday, they are only valid after 9am. This morning lock-out time does not apply on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays. 8 August (Peace Festival in Augsburg) is not classified as a public holiday. Bavaria tickets are valid for any number of rides on a given day until closing hour (or 3am).


NB: The DB "Good weekend" offer does not apply for RVV bus services.

The "Bavaria night ticket" generally applies from 6pm to 6am
Bavaria tickets are not transferrable once the journey has commenced.
If the ticket contains a name field, the first and last name must be entered in block letters.
Bavaria tickets are valid on all local trains within Bavarian and in all Bavarian co-operatives.

They apply in all RVV fare zones and on all bus services, but not the Anrufsammeltaxi (on-call pick-up taxi service, RAST). When using the RVV night buses, Bavaria ticket holders also need to pay the € 1.00 night bus surcharge per person.
Bavaria tickets cannot currently be sold through the RVV sales department. They are available from all DB sales outlets and the DB machines at train stations, among other options.

Prices (at ticket machines or online):

Bavaria ticket - 1 person = € 25 + 6 Euros per accompanying passenger (max. 4 passengers)
Bavaria ticket 1st class - 1 Person = € 37.50 + 15 Euros per accompanying passenger (max. 4 passengers)

Bavaria night ticket - 1 person = 23 Euros + 2 Euros per accompanying passenger (max. 4 passengers)

Information on the latest prices and other details is available here!


City ticket for holders of BahnCard 25 and 50

Long-distance DB tickets issued for use on IC/EC or ICE trains covering a distance of more than 100 km, and which have “+City” printed after the city name (e.g. Regensburg + City), entitle use of public transport at the departure and/or destination city. In the RVV area, this means all buses in fare zones 1 and 2. The entitlement includes travel to the train station, and onward travel to the destination upon arrival in Regensburg.


This additional travel entitlement is only valid for tickets purchased with the BahnCard discount (BahnCard25 or 50).


The travel entitlement is valid for all persons stated on the ticket (adults/children). The date stated on the DB ticket is definitive. In addition to Regensburg Hbf, the other departure and destination stations for “Regensburg + City” are Regensburg-Burgweinting, Regensburg-Prüfening, Obertraubling and Sinzing.

The travel entitlement applies exclusively within RVV zones 1 and 2 (Regensburg metropolitan area and neighbouring locations). This city-ticket area is shaded red in the RVV zone maps.


Further information


BahnCard100 (DBAG annual network card for 1 year)

The so-called DB-AG “BahnCard100” is a transport ticket valid on the entire rail network for one year. Holders of the “BahnCard100” are entitled to take any number of rides on all transport services in the City fare zones, i.e. within fare zones 1 and 2 in the RVV area.

Every “BahnCard100” is printed with “+City”. In specific cases, the “BahnCard100” is issued as a temporary BahnCard100 valid for 1 month on a DB ticket form.

City tickets are only sold, and BahnCards only issued, at the railway’s sales outlets.

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