Fast and easy to Regensburg and back again.

NEW: Line 69 Painten - Deuerling railway station

Fast and easy to Regensburg
and back again.


Since 12 September 2017, buses are running on the newly set up RVV line 69 Painten - Deuerling railway station which was established on the initiative of the community of Painten and the district of Kelheim in cooperation with the RVV, first trial run until 31.12.2019.

With the line 69 we bring you quite comfortably by bus to Deuerling railway station. Whether to the office, to the school, to the specialist or for a shopping trip in the old part of town - in only 35 minutes you come from Painten to the Regensburg central station.

So the city of Regensburg comes a whole lot closer. A good reason to leave the car behind and switch to public transport. Trips on line 69 are coordinated with the train timetables. With the bus travel times, we have taken care of a time-saving and at the same time smooth transition from the bus to the train.



Timetable of RVV line 69 and connecting trains at Deuerling railway station:

69 (09.12.2018)

Last update days ago.

Schedule active since 41days.


We wish you a good trip!


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