Everything you need for your trip within the RVV area: With the timetable information, see the appropriate line offer, the tariff calculator provides you the price for your trip. Since there is only a restricted ticket selection available in the bus and many tickets are cheaper in pre-purchase, the ticketing outlet map shows you the matching ticketing outlet or vending machine in your area.

Looking for guidance on major bus stops or a survey of the entire network, we offer our stop suburb maps and route network plans, also available for download as a pdf.


Tariff finder

Counting price stages was yesterday. Our new tariff finder shows the valid tariff for your connection. Try it! ...more

Ticketing Outlets

All RVV ticketing outlets and ticket machines on one map ...more
schematischer Liniennetzplan Regensburg

Regensburg route map diagram

Schematic route map of the main RVV lines and stops in the area of Regensburg. ...more

RVV fare zoning plan

All fare zones within the RVV area. ...more

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