Here you will find our geographical and schematical maps including maps for stops, routes and the RVV tariff zones.



schematischer Liniennetzplan Regensburg

Regensburg route map diagram

Schematic route map of the main RVV lines and stops in the area of Regensburg. ...more

RVV fare zoning plan

All fare zones within the RVV area. ...more
Haltestellen HBF/Albertstraße

RVV bus stops nearby the main station

All bus stops nearby the main station of Regensburg: Hauptbahnhof, HBF/Albertstraße, Ernst-Reuter-Platz ...more
Dachauplatz bus stops

Dachauplatz bus stops

All RVV bus lines at the stops on Dachauplatz. ...more
Haltestellenübersichtsplan Universität Bild

University stop layout

RVV bus lines at the stop university. ...more
Icon Umgebungspläne Schulen

Local maps for schools in the RVV region

Here you will find local maps with arrival or departure times for various schools/school centres in the RVV region. ...more

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