From 10 December 2017: Express buses will bring you faster to your destination

The express bus lines in the RVV in the overview

By clicking on the map you can view the lines in an enlarged view.

Karte Fahrplanwechsel 2017/18: Stadtwesten und Expressbusse


Express buses:

  • can be recognized by the "X" in front of the line number - for example: X1
  • they only stop at the main stops along a route
  • run mainly at rush hours
  • offer short commutes and shorter travel times compared to the regular bus lines in the inner-city area


New expressbus line X4:

X4 buses drive in the morning towards city, in the afternoon they drive out of town.

  • new express line: the X4 line connects Harting and Burgweinting on a fast track with the Uni-Klinikum, the Uni/OTH and the Bustreff HBF/Albertstraße
  • connections for train connections at railway stop Burgweinting: the departure times of the RVV X4 line are coordinated with the timetables of agilis trains from Plattling/Straubíng and Landshut/Neufahrn.
  • connections for bus connections: in Burgweinting, passengers can change from Neutraubling/Obertraubling bus lines to line X4
  • ideal for students and commuters: in the morning you can get from Burgweinting, Harting and the southern district of Regensburg quickly to university/work and in the afternoon back 
  • noticeably shorter travel times: no detours via HBF/Albertstr.


These existing express bus lines will be integrated into the express bus network in the RVV with unchanged offer:

  • RVV line 1A will be referred to as X1 in the future
  • RVV line 6S is renamed X6
  • RVV line 79 will be called X9 from December 10th


The RVV app - information and tickets

The RVV app knows all timetables, including the departure times of the express bus lines, by heart. She knows if your bus or train is on time and offers matching single, strip and day tickets for your mobile. More information:


Timetables for download

The timetables of the express bus lines in the RVV can be viewed and downloaded here (PDF): 

X1 (10.12.2017)

Last update days ago.

Schedule active since 405days.

X4 (09.12.2018)

Last update days ago.

Schedule active since 41days.

X6 (09.04.2018)

Last update days ago.

Schedule active since 285days.

X9 (10.12.2017)

Last update days ago.

Schedule active since 405days.



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