We also get you into the Donau Arena

Our offer for the Donau Arena: D line and event tickets.

As part of the “transport included” RVV events ticket, entrance tickets to individual events at Regensburg’s Donau Arena are also valid as RVV transport tickets. The next events for which this agreement applies are: 

Date Time Event
12.03.2017 8 pm Ina Müller


The entrance tickets are valid as RVV tickets for 1 person on the day of the event, no earlier than 4 hours prior to the event – i.e. generally from 4pm onwards –, throughout the entire fare area (all zones) on all bus lines and in 2nd class on all local trains, for the rides to the event and return journeys on the same day until closing hour. The transportation entitlement is marked on the entrance tickets.

RVV line D between Regensburg, Hbf. and Donau Arena operates services every 10 minutes starting from 1½ hours prior to the event commencing. After the event, an adequate number of buses is provided for the return journey to the main train station.

Please note: The RVV events ticket requires a contractual arrangement between RVV and the organizer, meaning it only applies for events governed by relevant agreements. But not all operators have arranged an event ticket with the RVV. Bus and train users thus also need a valid RVV ticket in addition to their entrance ticket when travelling to other events. Here we recommend the use of our day tickets. 

Other events (not covered by the RVV events ticket)

RVV line D operates services every 20 minutes until 10 min. prior to the event commencing.


Date Time Event
21.04.2016 8 pm Voxx Club
13.05.2016 7 pm Ehrlich Brothers
22.10.2016 7 pm Beatrice Egli & Band
05.11.2016 8 pm Der Watzmann ruft
16.12.2016 8 pm Sascha Grammel - Ich finds lustig
23.03.2017 8 pm Bodo Warke


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