Biker Ticket

Biker ticket on the bike bus line to Falkenstein

The biker ticket is only valid for the bike bus line to Falkenstein (pdf) which operates between Holy Saturday and 3 October. The fares shown in the table are valid for one ride, including the bike. On trains, the rail company fares apply for bikes.

Prices valid from January 1, 2018

Biker ticket

Valid for zones Transportation incl. bike Price
1 - 8 Standard fare € 9.00
1 - 8 Child`s fare
(under 15 years) 
€ 5.00
1 - 8 4 persons € 26.00


Fares for the bike bus to  Riedenburg (not an RVV service) can be obtained by calling the RBO on 0941/ 6000-122.


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